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SENA©  Neuroauditory Stimulation System

SENA© is a non-invasive method which has been created to help in the treatment of certain pathologies or disorders, such as dyslexia, learning problems, attention deficit, literacy, hyperactivity,…and activities in relation to the interpretation of sound, language learning or musical abilities.
The SENA© method  uses a modern software that allows people to change the way they perceive the listening environment, improving their hearing and, therefore, their quality of life.

What´s SENA©

SENA© is a neuroauditory stimulation treatment that the patient receives through headphones. They are connected to a computer from which a modern software transforms the harmonic structure of the sound of music, improving our auditory perception. The treatment consists of 10 sessions of 45- minutes each and it is non- invasive.

Who can benefit from SENA©

Schoolchildren with learning and/or behavioural difficulties,such as dyslexia, language delays, literacy problems, attention deficit and/or poor school performance. Adults with difficulties, such as behavioural disorders, emotional problems and, in the field of Audiology, as an aid in the prosthetic adaptation in order to improve speech intelligibility and the treatment of tinnitus

SENA© versus other neuroauditory methods

SENA© operates in digital support through a modern software which has been created, developed and patented by SENA©. It is based on the principles of acoustic, sound engineering and recent findings in the area of neurology and audiology. It can be used from home, school or professional centers. Others methods are based on analog audio signal processing or obsolete audiological principles

SENA©: Hearing, listening, understanding

Numerous scientific studies relate hearing with different clinical situations in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s) and educational situations (language problems, literacy, dyslexia, attention deficit and hyperactivity), among others.
The SENA© Method, constantly evolving, has been developed for both children and adults in order to recover significantly their auditory processing and therefore, the hearing, listening, understanding and comprehensive processes can be performance in a natural way and without effort.

Years of experience


Centers in Spain


Treatments in 2017


Treated patients

“You can hear but not perceive and understand correctly what you are hearing”



Jordi Galcerán, creador of SENA©


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The software SENA© makes the difference to be leaders in Neuroauditory treatments

    • Software which transforms the harmonic structure of  sound.
    • Last generation software, constantly evolving.
    • Digital support versus analog support of other treatments.
    • Therapies can be carried out online from home.
    • Short duration and non-invasive treatments.
    • Compatible with other therapies.
    • Visible results in a very short time.



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SENA© System Network in full process of expanding

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Professional Team

In SENA© Network we want to work closely with you. We have a highly qualified team which will train you in different marketing techniques and be for your disposal providing you with a constant technical and commercial advice.

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The SENA© Certificated Professional is the person who has received the qualification after attending the training course and passing the practice period. Afterwards, this person will be able to assess the auditoty perception of each patient and set up the software according to their need

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Join the SENA© System Network

As a result of the success obtained with our treatments, more and more professionals are interested in joining our network. For the same reason, demand for this service has tripled in the last three years.

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